We provide knowledgeable service to your shop through a wide range of mechanical maintenance and repair products. Including a full range of rivets, threaded inserts, electrical terminals, cutting tools, threading systems, building fasteners, fittings, storage systems, fasteners and much much more


Full range of rivets including GripTite maintenance & repair rivets, Huck bolts & collars, I-Loc structural rivets, Hemlock rivets. Aluminum, steel & stainless steel rivets plus  many more to suit customer needs.


CrimpShr heat shrink terminals / solder shrink crimp terminals, rings, spades, quick connects, inline connectors, fuse circuit converters, Copper lugs,  tinned wire and terminals. Fuses and heat shrink tubing.

Cutting Tools

Including Rockey Mountain self centering Split Point 3 Flat Twistdrills, perfect for stainless steel, spring steel, frame steel and most other hard to cut materials. HSS taps and HSS reamers. Full range of industrial maintenance & repair cutting tools & equipment.

Threading Systems

Including GripTite threaded inserts in steel, aluminum, stainless steel. Perfect for setting a machine thread into thin material without the task of disassembling your equipment.

Griptite Rethread Inserts: Allow you to repair damaged thread without changing the original thread size, all while using regular drills & taps.

Building Fasteners

Full range of building fasteners & tools for all your building & maintenance needs.  Including concrete, drywall, steel frame, timber frame & more.


Including a full range of  brass fittings, compression, air brake, push to connect, black iron. Tools & equipment to get the job done.

Storage Systems

-ASSORTMENTS (all products are available in assortment form)

Including bolt bins, assortment drawers, sliding racks, metal stands, and plastic drawers.


Including Gr5, Gr8, L9 & Metric. Stainless steel, galvanized and nylon lock nuts, bolts and washers. Wood screws, decking screws, sheet metal screws, machine and security screws. Truck and trailer fasteners. 

Special Requests

Specialty products & sourcing made easy ! 

Tell us what you need to repair, connect, attach, bond, fit, terminate, isolate, seal, fasten, thread, ream, repair, protect, organize or label & we’ll help find a solution.